Be it the world’s most exclusive mile-long shopping destination, 110-acres surrounding London’s second-busiest terminus or one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 places in the world to visit in 2016 delivering a high-quality service via our Ambassadors with tangible return on investment, is what we do best!

Our Ambassadors provide assistance to visitors, commuters and residents alike, ranging from calculating the fastest and easiest route for a business meeting to the entrance fee and opening times of popular local attractions. Want more detail on our Ambassadors, visitor welcome and street management services, look no further.

Our Services

Visitor Welcome

What We Do – Visitor Welcome

In 2011 The New West End Company, the business improvement district (BID) for London’s Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street, appointed The Welcome People to deliver a step change in their street based Ambassador service, then known locally as The Red Caps.

Fast forward 5 years and The Welcome People now provide bespoke visitor welcome and street management services to some of the UK’s best known destinations. Dressed in iconic bowler hats and classic 3 piece-suits over 100 Ambassadors currently work at 21 locations across the UK.


But it’s not all about snazzy suits, iconic bowler hats and welcoming smiles. The Welcome People developed STRATA, a mobile app which allows our Ambassadors to log visitor interactions, business visits, intelligence tallies and environmental issues. Our client dashboards combine live-data and in-depth reporting to provide unrivalled transparency and accountability to our clients and their stakeholders.

What We Do - STRATA dashboard
What We Do - The Security People

What We Do – The Security People

In 2015, Calvin and David were approached by several clients who required a different type of security company.

Building on the success and positive experience of working with The Welcome People Ambassadors, the Victoria BID team decided to review their existing street security arrangements and invited us to apply for the contract. We were successful and since August 2015, The Security People have operated in and around Westminster Cathedral Piazza in the very heart of Victoria, providing on-street security, in partnership with the existing Ambassador Team, local Police and Council enforcement officers and out-reach services. Focussing on issues of anti-social behaviour, the team have made a tangible difference to the area, whilst ensuring those affected receive all necessary support.