Whether it’s BIDs, well-known tourist destinations or historical Estates – we have experience in providing first-class visitor welcome and street management services that meet our clients needs. Often referred to as ‘their eyes and ears’ by some of our clients, our Ambassadors make a measurable difference by combining outstanding customer service skills and in-depth local knowledge with unrivalled accountability, thanks to STRATA. But what is visitor welcome all about?

Visitor Welcome

Our Ambassadors are often the first, and sometimes the only, point of contact for visitors, workers and residents within a clients defined area. Usually stationed close to public transport hubs they are trained to spot and approach the lost tourist couple on the lookout for the local sights, point the hurried young professional towards the right office for the business meeting or offer help to the local elderly resident.

On average our teams welcome nearly 3000 visitors a day across all of our client sites, helping to improve the visitor experience, increase footfall and ‘dwell time’ in the local area. Earlier this year our Ambassadors at Victoria BID recorded their 1.5 millionth visitor welcome, making it one of the busiest districts in the country.

Visitor Welcome

Membership Engagements

We work closely with the clients management teams and their stakeholders, often acting as an extended team, supporting so called membership or stakeholder engagement activities. These vary from client to client and can range from a timetabled and zoned per Ambassador system to a more flexible and ad-hoc approach.

In other cases our Ambassadors are involved in regular business engagement events such a retail breakfast meetings or seasonal campaign briefings to help raise a client’s profile. We understand that visibility and regular communication with businesses and other stakeholders are vital for their success.

Environmental Reporting

Identifying, logging and reporting issues such as graffiti, fly posting, flooded roads, blocked gullies, abandoned vehicles and vandalism are just some of the potential issues our Ambassadors log on a daily basis. Some of our clients decide to appoint a dedicated Environmental Ambassador, in the case of Victoria BID the results speak for themselves.

Using the full potential of STRATA and our on-street Ambassadors to ensure timely reporting and resolution of environmental is but the starting point for some our clients. The team at The Cadogan Estate for example plan to use environmental reports from the STRATA dashboard to inform its Waste Consolidation Strategy.

TWP Environmental Ambassador

Operational Management

A number of clients have opted to rely on The Welcome People site managers for operational management support. The managers ensure intelligence tallies and environmental issues, logged by Ambassadors via our bespoke street management app STRATA, are actually being resolved by the relevant third parties, i.e. street cleaning companies, local councils, public transport providers. This enables our clients to accurately define where they have ‘added value’ to businesses by providing a transparent reporting history, from initial tallying of an issue to its successful resolution in line with pre-defined KPIs.

Additionally, our site managers are at hand to advise, co-ordinate and execute seasonal and regional activities which are likely to impact their assigned area.