As 13 turns to 14, it's time to look back on a year of great achievements for The Welcome People.

We grew from 3 sites to 11, from just under 30 staff to nearly 70.  We saw our 2 millionth customer, made more than 50,000 business calls on behalf of our clients, shed a few tears but had lots of laughs along the way.

To our clients, suppliers and fabulous staff - thank you all - here's to an even better 2014!

Happy New Year from all The Welcome People....

Mark, Annalissa, Tom, Aldo, Barry, Jose, Paolo C, I Shan, Husna, Claire, Antonio, Rachel, Eduardo, Kathy, Hayley, David H, David I, Tony, Ross, Barbara, Abdel, Linda, Rukije, Lisa, Hamid, Luciana, Mara, Gosia, Geraint, Elena, Amparo, Lydia, Hany, Luis, Serena, Cliff, Riccardo, Katerine, Holly, Guy, Matt, Jessica, Mariano, Flavio, Chris, Sandra, Savlatore, Alhoussein, Emma, Kar-Hin, Fabio, Pawel, Mike, Charlie, Diego, Nicholas, Paolo A, Greig, Francesco, Andreea, William,  Andrea, Alexander,  Mel, Max, Sofia, Gabriel, Calvin and David M.