Investing in People


When we set up The Welcome People nearly 4 years ago, Calvin and I wanted to create a company that we wanted to work for!

Our founding principles were those of the Great Places to Work Institute - namely Trust, Pride and Camaraderie.

Those principles still hold true, but they have now been joined by a new statement that totally sums up our beliefs and experiences of the last 4 years - namely that good people make a great business.

We know that we have not just good people, but truly great people working with us.  That was confirmed last week when we achieved accreditation with Investors in People.

Below are some of the quotes from our staff.

"I love being able to be outside with people and helping them without having to sell them anything!"


"We are providing a first class and unique service to the general public. They seem grateful for our presence."


Thanks to all our staff who took part in the interview process.