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Since 2011, our award-winning Ambassadors have been welcoming visitors to some of the UK’s most iconic and popular destinations.  Dressed in their distinctive bowler hats and 3-piece suits, they soon become part of the communities they serve and help raise the profile of the clients we work for.

With a mission to ‘make someone’s day’, our teams are trained to spot and approach the lost tourist on the lookout for the local sights, point the hurried businessman towards the right office for their business meeting or simply welcome visitors to the area and offer help and advice.

But we’re more than just a welcome service – read on to find out more…


We work closely with our clients to support their membership or stakeholder engagement programmes.  These vary from monthly or quarterly visits to a more flexible ad-hoc approach.

All visits are scheduled via our bespoke street management app STRATA which allows the Ambassador to record the interaction and give feedback to the client in real time.

Our Ambassadors also get involved in regular business engagement events such a retail breakfast meetings, social events or seasonal campaign briefings. 




Identifying, logging and reporting issues such as graffiti, fly posting, flooded roads, blocked gullies, abandoned vehicles and vandalism are just some of the potential issues our Ambassadors log on a daily basis.  

Using our street management app STRATA, issues are reported and sent to the relevant agencies to fix, whilst simultaneously starting a process that measures the response against an agreed SLA.

Some of our clients have decided to appoint a dedicated Street Manager (supplied by The Wecome People), to oversee the process from start to finish and liaise directly with the relevant local council..


The flexibility of STRATA means we can prioritise the issues that matter most to our clients and their stakeholders.

Almost any issue can be recorded – from abandoned waste to the cleanliness of phone boxes.  Providing intelligence to third party agencies such as local councils, local police and outreach services, we can help them prioritise their resources and get the best results.

Our clients can accurately define where they have ‘added value’ to their stakeholders by providing a transparent reporting history and trends.



Richard listening


Answering a call from our some of our existing clients, since 2015 we’ve also  provided visible, accountable Security Officers to reassure the public and deal effectively with issues of Anti-Social behaviour.

Our teams are making a big difference in the Business Districts of Victoria, Northbank and Baker Street in the City of Westminster, and in the Colmore Business District of Birmingham.


Our Officers are equipped with STRATA which allows them to report and update issues in real-time, offering total transparency and accountability to our clients.

Omar in Bakerstreet


We pride ourselves on our approach to dealing with some of todays’ more difficult social issues.

The increase in street population in our towns and cities and the vulnerability of some of those we encounter, means we do things differently.

We treat those we meet as human beings, some of whom are genuinely vulnerable and some sadly, who know no other way of life.  By working closely    with Police and local outreach services, we try and assist those who need help while maintaining a safe environment for other members of the public.


All our officers are licenced by the SIA with a history of security prior to joining the company. 

All have been vetted to BS7858 standards with an external vetting agency. 

Our specialist security division (The Security People) is ISO9001 accredited in Quality Management Systems and is an Approved SIA Contractor.





In March 2017, we added Cleaning and Janitorial Services to our Portfolio when we took over the street cleaning contract for the Victoria Business Improvement District in Central London.



Our Cleaning Team also use STRATA to record the areas they clean, graffiti removed and rubbish collected.  The team complete the same induction and customer service training as our Ambassadors & Security Staff, and wear colourful BID branded uniform.

Operatives have assigned areas to clean, using a BID branded cart.  This includes litter picking, graffiti removal, sharps collection, cleaning of phoneboxes, removal of detritus left by the homeless, removal of flyposters/stickers and the cleaning of public garden areas.

night time jetwashing.jpg


We also have an on-demand janitorial team, where team members respond to the needs of local businesses, clean regular problem areas, flush pavements outside food and beverage establishments and areas around bins.  We also respond to local waste issues reported by Ambassadors and Security Officers via STRATA.


Finally we use Flowplant equipment to deep clean pavements and public spaces to ensure the area is always looking sharp. 

Using hot water and variable pressure to remove chewing gum and stains, the results are amazing.





STRATA from The Welcome People, is an intelligent, dynamic mobile app specifically designed for organisations involved in street management and placemaking.

STRATA enables you to collect all the data you need; delegate your staff and third party suppliers; communicate with your stakeholders and manage your front-line resources across street cleansing, security and customer service functions.

Designed and developed by the UK’s leading provider of street management services for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs/BIAs), STRATA delivers real benefits to those involved in operational management.









Real-time data capture
STRATA sets in motion a time, date and location sensitive process that starts the second an issue or interaction is reported

Capture dynamic issues
Find the issue from the pre-loaded list

Capture detailed visitor demographics
Know more about your visitors – where they’re from, where they’re going to






Immediate tasking of staff and third parties
All issues reported can be sent immediately by email with photo evidence to third party agencies (local goverment helpline, local Police Department, in-house cleansing teams) for action

Eliminate duplicate reporting of issues
STRATA shows you what’s already been reported by your staff in the immediate geographical area

Effective management of Service Level Agreements
STRATA reminds your staff to check and update issues, enabling you to have a clear understanding of performance against set targets





Date sensitive trend analysis of any issue reported
Be ahead of the game – compare one period to another and be able to visualize the differences

Heat map/cluster map visualization of issues and interactions
Shows you where the problems are and allows you to drill down for more information

Clear visuals and statistics, exportable into excel
STRATA takes the stress out of meetings and presentations. Download the information you need and print or export

Real-time status of all issues logged
At a glance see what’s going on and how your agencies and staff are performing

Visitor profiling
Tell your businesses who their customers are







The Welcome People was established by David Miller and Calvin LaCock in September 2011, to provide visitor welcome and street management services to London’s West End and Victoria.

Answering a brief from local Business improvement Districts to change revitalise their existing Ambassador services, we offered a fresh perspective.

We put customer service at the forefront, recruited staff from hospitality rather than security backgrounds, changed the uniform to distinctive three-piece suits and bowler hat, and made accountability the key driver of the business.

The results were instant – with a doubling of customer interactions in the first year and continued growth ever since.

Since then we have grown to more than 130 members of staff and are now working with 30 clients across the country, from Exeter to Leeds and Canterbury to Belfast.  We’ve also expanded our offering to now include security and street cleansing services.

We are Investors in People and are passionate about what we do. 

Nearly 9 million people have experienced our unique award-winning street concierge service.

As a company we are proud to say that growth has come from reputation and word-of-mouth.


Our Team




David set up The Welcome People in 2011 with Calvin, and is responsible for strategy, finance, image and client liaison. 

With a background in broadcasting, retail and advertising, David had a wide skill-set, but admits that every day brings a new challenge.

David lives in Surrey and used to announce flights at Heathrow Airport.



Calvin worked with David for 3 years at New West End Company before setting up The Welcome People in 2011.   

Calvin looks after STRATA, our bespoke street-management app, leads on Cleansing, as well as working with David on strategy and client liaison.

Calvin originates from Namibia and currently lives in Surrey.




Antonio joined The Welcome People in 2011 as an Ambassador for Regent Street.  He was subsequently promoted to Supervisor West End, then Area Manager before becoming Operations Manager in 2015. 

He was promoted again in 2017 to Operations Director.

Originally from Naples, Antonio was previously a Butler and speaks Japanese.




Andy was recruited in 2017 to look after our northern sites and to head up our expanding training operation.  

With 15 years training experience with BUPA and Late Rooms, Andy’s expertise in delivering award-winning customer service is second to none.

Andy lives in Cheshire, but enjoys taking his dog for walks in Cornwall.